Salon Vali Delianis Tattoo

Salon Vali Delianis Tattoo

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Timișoara, Bulevardul Eroilor de la Tisa, nr. 33
0733545682, 0757437570
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started building tattoo machines, just a few years ago, in the beginning just for myself... I had enough of cheap tattoo machines that needed to be setup two or three times during a tattoo, or expensive machines that looked horible, made from iron, that rust in a few years and their parts are either expensive or nowhere to find. I'm building tools for professional artists, that run extremely well, and that also look as nice as they are efficient.
Each machine is hand made one at a time, by casting it, out of silver, copper, bronze, brass or aluminum and is setup as a liner or a shader, depending on the client's needs.
The engraving is also hand made with "aquaforte" or "aquatinta" techniques, by a friend of mine , Atti aka "Gravoru", for this, each machine becomes unique.
All my "skin diggers" are guaranteed to last you the rest of your life. If it should ever fail, just ship it back and I’ll make it run again.

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Luni - Vineri: 9:00 - 18:00
Sambata: 10:00 - 14:00

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Facilitati: Tatuaje/piercing
Program functionare: Sambata
Tip: Salon tatuaje
Zone din Timisoara: Lunei