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Sambata 12 mai 2012 

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Dear Friends,
For a night to remember, we need a guest that can raise audience’s hands in the air! Looks don’t hurt, but skills matter the most!
The special guest for this Saturday has both, and she comes in Fratelli Lounge & Club straight from Los Angeles, California!
Beautiful Alex Merrell was born in Vancouver and raised in Paris and New York. She is now established as a DJ in L.A., so we can say that she has worldwide experience!
Alex worked with UNICEF on the Tap Project Radio campaign. She has also DJ’d events for such clients as Toronto International Film Festival, 2010 Olympics, Universal, TV Guide. She has DJ’d photo shoots for the likes of Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, Selena Gomez and the casts of Chuck, Dancing with the Stars and Supernatural to name a few.